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"Don't walk through this life looking for what you can get. Walk through this life looking for what you can give. I know without a doubt that what you give comes back to you tenfold."


Writer / musician / artist  Angela Carole Brown is the 2018 recipient of the North Street Book Prize in Literary Fiction for her novel Trading Fours, and recipient of the Soul Word Magazine Poetry Prize for her single poem “Cotton Candy.” She is the author of seven books in the genres of memoir, fiction, and poetry, has had shorter works published in various journals and anthologies, and in 2021 had an entire concert by the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Master Chorale created around several of her 100-word stories from the collection Aleatory on the Radio, entitled "Short Stories." She writes the blog Bindi Girl Chronicles. 

Recently transplanted from Los Angeles to Kansas City, and largely retired, Angela is a veteran of the L.A. music scene, having spent over three decades there as a vocalist, songwriter, and recording artist, enjoyed a 20+ years' residency at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills with the Dana Bronson Jazz Trio, performed with her own jazz ensemble at the legendary Playboy Jazz Festival, has recorded several albums of music in the genres of jazz and folk, has done jingles, soundtracks, and voice-overs for television and film, and in 2024 finished a 28-year stint as the lead female vocalist in Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surreal. 


As a visual artist, Angela has spent time in the playground of painting and drawing, glass mosaic, handcrafted dolls, digital media, and graphic design. Her current medium is alcohol ink on Yupo. In 2021, one of her inks made the cover of Brilliant Corners: A Journal of Jazz & Literature, and in 2023 several of her inks were used as illustrations for the book of Marilyn Roth's Legacy Meditations. Her short illustrated film The Richest Girl in the World  won Best Multimedia Film at the 2021-22 Buddha International Film Festival and the Indo Global International Film Festival, and People's Choice and Honorary Mention at DigiFest Temecula. 


She is featured in the documentary film The Goddess Project.

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