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Welcome to The Book Shepherd, Angela Carole Brown's one-stop-shopping service for taking your book from that file on your computer's desktop to published and in the global marketplace. 


More and more these days, writers are taking their content into their own hands, and choosing not to be dependent on the THUMBS UP from the Giant Hand of traditional publishing.  The indie artist (from musician to author) has in the last decade become more and more legit and a true force to be reckoned with. 


Enter independent publishing. If you've decided this is the route for you, the process of DIY publishing will necessarily include hiring an editor (or several, for different stages of your book), followed by a graphic artist to design your book's cover, and finally someone with knowledge of Print-on-Demand services who can take you through that process.  Typically, you'd need a whole team.  With experience as an independently published (and award-winning) author, as well as freelance graphic artist, Angela can be that complete team, to help you get your book in print. 


Services include:

  • Copy & line editing

  • Help with your interior layout, and front/back matter

  • Formatting for trade paperback & e-book publication

  • Consultation on acquiring your ISBN & establishing your imprint, in order to be your own publisher

  • Cover design & typesetting

  • Setting up your account with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing & walking you through how to get your book live


Services DO NOT include:

  • Marketing/promotion

  • Audiobook production


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